Moor Politic'n with Malcolm and Washington

One Helluva Welcoming Party

For now, we will forgo the introductions and the standards of blogging, and I’ll skip right to the chase WHY ARE YOU HERE? From where did you come? And by all means, where in Hell to do you intend to go?



Yes HERE, which is simply a matter of your perspective while traveling through Hell on Earth. Know, I am not, and I retype, I am not here to change your religion or your established beliefs about life as is. However, what I am here to say is the Earth is purging itself. Therefore, wherever HERE is for you—I pray it is not in conflict with good ole’ Mother Gaiia.

We have always possessed opportunities to live at peace with our neighbors landlocked and abroad. We all have, by birth and regardless, of national origin, ancestry, age, creed, color, religion, sex, or gender, the right to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity [Preamble to the Constitution of United States of America]

Why HERE? Why Now? Why Hell? 

You, I, She, He, They, We . . . are scientifically able to mentally and spiritually dictate how bad our respective reality is and will be with our thought frequencies. Negative thoughts bring negative actions and negative results. Positive thoughts bring about positive result and actions. In short, you are where you are today because of the thoughts you’ve thought, and any moves you’ve made, or did not make which lead you to your HERE.

Now . . . is bad. Yes, there is always and will always be a silver lining, but due to mass dumbification and continental malnourishment most people become stuck in their unpleasant HERE. You know what I mean: homelessness, foreclosures, depression, toxic fast food, junk food, experimental drugs (aka prescription), public school system failures, and not to mention 1.2 trillion U.S. Federal Reserve Notes [FRN] in student loan debt, so don’t even think about obtaining a higher education to get a good job to pay the light bills, because you’ll need every penny to pay back the District.

So, about this Hell we here in the America’s speak of . . . yea, but no not the fantastical one with fire and brimstone. Hogwash for dinner anyone?! Eh, let us look at the original meaning un-Americanized HELL.

Henry Black’s Law Dictionary, 1st Edition [1891] St. Paul Minn. West Publishing

Hell is starting to look a wee bit like the 2016 United States, Americas. . .the world right???

Henry Black’s Law Dictionary, 1st Edition [1891] St. Paul Minn. West Publishing

You can go to Hell . . .

Okay, so now that I have your eyes, and mentals—and because we all know you and I are intellectual enough to know that majority of the words we use today meant something completely different way back when. Heck! even Hell didn’t mean the above—well at least not entirely.

Let us have a look-see!


[In order from most archaic language to modern languages of written history]

1st— Celare [origin Latin]: “to hide”

2nd— Kalyptein [origin Greek]: “to cover, conceal”

3rd— Helan [origin Old English/Saxon]: “to hide, to conceal/to hide”

4th— Hell [origin Old-Middle English]: the place under the exchequer chamber where the King’s debtors were confined.

5th— Hell [origin Modern English, ~18th/19th c.]

  • the place where the devil lives and where evil people go after they die according to some religions

  • a very difficult or unpleasant situation or experience 

In summary:

Now we know, it’s okay to hide the IRS‘s and Sallie Mae’s debtors, sorry the King’s debtors, nowadays the just plain ole’ working folk in hardship, under the U.S. Federal Reserve, because they did not pay their taxes for sake of mortgage or other alleged “debts owed”. Can somebody please get me a witness???

Uh Lauryn where you at Queen Sister, can I get a witness?

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