gΩd said please allow my brain cells to run rampant with my labors

They ain’t tell you those chains could be broken? or you just didn’t give a fxck about being free? You ain’t know crayons were meant to be used simply to create bigger pictures? or you just didn’t give a fxck about being disposable? Huh? my bad, said too much? my tea please…☕😒…🙈🙉🙊💤…#nogames

… that which you do not see would make your skin crawl, and fold in on itself–believe you what I speak. All that is before your irides are illusions, made real only ’cause they’ve been tattooed up a modern papyrus, and now we see before we hear, hear not what what’s being said, we speak, yet do not care to know,

but those waves still crash along the shores of Tripoli, and beyond the death of my mortal my heart shall still find solace in my birthing at Montezuma–‘for the montañas of my birthright, and all the plains, hills, valleys, marshes woods and dales of our raped and castrated bloodlines still quake at the rise of my OMs, while your giant Eye still sleeps. My dead, still, wake upon the sounding of my trumpet. The unegas cry out with floods, hot summers of massacres and faithless crusades “Send forth your best Suns of Sin!” And He who gathers the masses of the breathless, bluelit streets whispered to the Great Mother of the new midnight, “Give forth Her first, the one who’s eyes sought I whilst I searched the heavens, earths and many hells to catch a glimmer of their hopes”… signed,

barely hueMan.


Loud Bl^ck Ink™
2016 © E.English Publishing Group

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