Welcome Kings & Queens ♥


The Foundations

Love, True American Nationality [#TAN], Craftscaping

Love gives Us the opportunity to live for something or someone other than just our individual selves. It ordains Our power to soar far beyond the light many others fear even approaching. Our Nationality gives Us earthly existence— heritage, freedoms, life, liberties, natural laws, moral values, nurturing, and the ability to live and just be free, that is the essence of #TAN. And finally, but surely the most prevailing of the three is to craftscape. Craftscaping is the ability to see deep into the essence of a masterpiece—not merely with our two earthly eyes, but more translucently; thus we must seek to view all art-forms and genres with our one true Eye—the window to our united soul.

*Eyes of all colors, shapes, national origins, religions, spiritualities, genders, orientations and ages with faith and love in their hearts are welcome here*

The Purpose:

Raising hell.

This Space

Royal VP is a virtual environment centered around the vibrations, the energy, the frequency of a single thought, thesis or digital image or film. Royal VP™ offers a space for knowledge sharing, storytelling, craftscaping, critical thinking, debating, discussing and executing.

Jahla ♥

 The Creator

 “I feel it is indeed my God-given duty to restore love to its proper elevation on this godforsaken earth, and I plan to do nothing less” —so said one of Her muses.

We come in peace, in kindred brother and sisterhood, but We do not fear war.


  • Egypt English

Sovereign Name:

  • O.T.W. El Bey [Tru Bey]


  • Sappony country de Al-Morocco
  • Continent: Northwest Amexem


  • Moor American

Maternal Tribe:

  • Saponi, Tsalagi

Paternal Tribe:

  • Shaawanwaki

Current Home:

  • Piscataway Country —Greater Baltimore, Maryland

Honor Status:

  • Obligated


  • Loveologist
  • Literary Artist | Blogger
  • Master Paintress
  • Publisher
  • Creator


  • Moorish Heritage& History School : Astrology, and Etymology | Northwest Amexem
  • Malem University, 2015-C.S.: Certificate and Degree of Continuing Study  Loveology, Intimacy, and Sexology. Northwest Amexem
  • Frostburg State University, 2007-2012: Bachelors of Science English-Literature. Frostburg, Maryland
  • Pittsylvania County Career & Technical School, 2005-2006: 4.0 GPA | Computer Information Systems. Blairs, Virginia



My thoughts keep me lifted; therefore, I defy gravity.


The Introduction of O.T.W. El Bey:

On January 12th 2016 I became an official Moorish National Diplomat. Prior to taking repossession of my crown and estate, I made the decision to live my life in a way which challenges and intimidates the evils and injustices that threaten the livelihood and well-being of Humanity. Over the years, I have learned to shake my surroundings with the might and strength of my pen, my voice.

I choose to use every gift bestowed upon me by the Most High to shift the atmosphere, bring down these walls of Hell, lead my tribes and our Nation back to in propria persona and show them the path to glories beyond their wildest dreams. I no longer fear life nor death— because I know my existence, my being, predate and exceeds both.


iWrite; therefore I AM. iSpeak; therefore it is so.

Bragging rights:

Now, even the streets are calling me Queen.


“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman, but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.” ~ Louis Nizer

© 2016 E. English Publishing Group, LLC
O.T.W. El Bey – All Rights Reserved

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